- Hey travelers, this is for you ! -
Because our Lodge is located on such a large site
there’s always something to do,to manage or to renovate,
thus we are interested in hosting people who would be willing to help us improve our Lodge and its surroundings.
We are looking for people who have worked on construction sites or on renovations for example,
as well as people who have technology skills and have worked with computers and websites.
Feel free to contact us and together we will find sometime for you to do.

According to our arrangement as well as the work to be done,
we can find agreements on theaccommodation's price. In any case,
if you choose to work as volunteer at the Ecofarm Lodge, you'll be fed for free
and will have the opportunity to share meals with the family.
You will also be able to use the bikes and scooters freely and to treat yourself to fresh drinks, garden fruits, etc.
In your free time Peter is there to guide you on a tour
to discover the best places and events of this area.

Please feel free to contact us and to briefly tell us about yourself and your
interests in being a volunteer at our EcoFarm Lodge.


F I N D  U S  O N  - W O R K A W A Y -

Volunteer's story at Ecofarm Lodge...

I am...

My contribution...

I was there from... to...

Lyz.Like.Snails (Yannie&Lio) 

  • Creation of an english website for Ecofarm Lodge... to be continued, improved, etc. ;-)
  • Help by serving customers at Ecofarm Lodge Restaurant

15.10 - 31.10.2016